Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poor Writing Hurts Our Credibility

While I support all thoughtful efforts to get graduate English students a reduction in workload and adequate economic compensation, I am troubled by some aspects of this blog.

1. a "ranting" tone
The overall tone of the blog misses the mark; rather than looking for groups and individuals with whom we might partner as we try to make our case to those in power, many of the posts on this blog seem interested in ranting angrily about conditions of which we are all already aware. Being militant and strident this early (relatively speaking) in the negotiations makes us seem belligerent.

2. poor writing
Some of the posts on this blog (purportedly written by current English grad TAs) are very poorly written. I am concerned that someone reading this blog might get the impression that we are being paid only what we are worth.

Above all else, when you're fighting for your rights, do only those things that make you seem reasonable, mature, and worthy of assistance.