Wednesday, September 3, 2008



What the hell do your signs even mean?

Silence equals complicity? Doesn't all your fancy theory teach you not to create binaries because nothing, nothing exists as an Either/Or?

Also, it's so classy to vandalize the posters on the wall. You're so very concerned with workers' rights when the trash you are creating and the mess you're making has to be cleaned up by custodial class who has to work twice as much as you do to make ends meet without insurance or job security. I mean, it's like if your dream of teaching in college falls through you might have to resort to relying on your BA or MA; I mean they have it lucky, there are always privileged, whiny white people to clean up after.

"God! Teaching is like soooo hard. First, I have to get up 8...yeah AM...just so I can read an article before class at 11:40...and then, get this! I had to teach for a whole hour and a half, and I have to do it twice a week! And all I get in return is free school and a paycheck and health insurance. I can barely afford to go to bar night AND trivia night some weeks. Some night I am only getting 708 hours of sleep and barely have time to grade papers, take a nap, and make a bunch of stupid posters that are self-mocking and make me look childish. What's the deal? Good thing I've read Marx, because he was truly talking about me!

"Workers of the World Unite!"